It's a Dog's Life . . . But It's Your Carpet It's a Cat's World . . . You Just Live in It

It's a Cat's World . . . You Just Live in It

The book has been released. A follow-up to It's a Dog's Life... but It's Your Carpet, this book explains your cat's bizarre behavior
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About "It's a Dog's Life... but It's Your Carpet"

Why does my dog lick his balls?

Admit it; you’ve always wanted to know. Well, finally there’s a professional out there who’s not too embarrassed to answer – bone-fide veterinarian, critical care specialist, and dog lover Dr. Justine A. Lee. It’s a Dog’s Life . . . but It’s Your Carpet takes you behind the scenes to look at the training and off-the-record opinions of a certified vet, and answers all the questions you’ve always wanted to ask about your dog, including:

Is a dog's nose a good indicator of his health?
Can a Chihuahua and a Great Dane mate?
Why do dogs eat their own poop?
What's the smartest breed?
Can I get my dog's ears pierced?
Why does my dog roll around in rotting feces?
If I mix food coloring with Fluffy's kibble, will it make her poop easier to find in the yard?

Written by one of approximately 240 veterinary board-certified emergency critical care specialists in the world, It's a Dog's Life... but It's Your Carpet offers factual and funny answers to some of the most common, offbeat questions about your beloved companions. Whether you're looking for advice on pet rearing, solutions to your dog's most frustrating habits, explanations of his weirdest quirks, or simply a good laugh at his expense, this book is sure to inform - and entertain - dog lovers of every breed. Check out some sample questions, which I posted at my dog blog (listed under "Dog questions"). For you well-rounded owners who love and own both species of four-legged friends, check out my blog of "General Pet Questions."

About "It's a Cat's World...You Just Live In It"

Finally, the truth about cats is out of the bag!

If cat lovers are from Venus, then cats hail from another planet altogether. Mischievous and aloof one moment, affectionate the next, the cat is a confounding creature right down to its question mark of a tail. What cat owner hasn't wondered what goes on inside that mysterious kitty brain? In this companion to It's a Dog's Life... but It's Your Carpet, veterinary specialist Dr. Justine A. Lee answers your questions about all things feline in this entertaining and enlightening guide. An animal lover with two cats of her own, Dr. Lee combines scientific research with irreverent humor to address questions ranging from the common to the offbeat, including:

Do cats always land on their feet?
Can cats predict death or cancer?
Can I really train my cat to use the toilet?
Should I dump my boyfriend because he doesn't like my cat?
Why do cats eat grass?
How can I prevent kitty dreadlocks?
Do cats like to swim?

Questions from "It's a Dog's Life... but It's Your Carpet"

Some sample questions from both books can be found at my dog blog!

Is your dog’s nose an accurate indicator of his overall health?
Why do dogs like to sniff butts?
How well do dogs smell?
Why don’t dogs get hairballs?
Why do dogs shed?
How do I make Fido shed less?
Why do dogs shed more at the vet?
Why do dogs "peel out" and scrape their back legs after urinating or defecating?
Is Fido’s front limb an arm or a leg?
Do dogs get goose bumps?
Do I need deodorant for my dog?
Why do dogs have dewclaws?
If Fido can’t pick or blow his nose, will his nostrils get clogged?
Do dogs snore or get sleep apnea?
If I mix Fluffy’s kibble with food coloring, will it make her poop easier to find in the yard?
Why does my dog’s pee turn my lawn brown?
If I get my dog’s gastrointestinal worms, will it help me lose weight?
Is it my boyfriend or Skippy farting, and can I give him Bean-o?


What do you think of your pet's vaccine schedule?

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