Dr. Justine Lee, DVC, DACVECC

Justine Lee's Dog JP Justine Lee's Dog JP Justine Lee and Her Dog JP

Justine Lee's Dog JP Justine Lee's Dog JP Justine Lee and Her Dog JP

Justine Lee's Dog JP Justine Lee's Dog JP Justine Lee and Her Dog JP

It's a Dog's Life,
but It's Your Carpet

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JUSTINE A. LEE, DVM, DACVECC, is an emergency critical care veterinary specialist and is the Associate Director of Veterinary Services for Pet Poison Helpline. She is also a Diplomate of the American College of Veterinary Emergency Critical Care (DACVECC).

Finally, the truth about cats is out of the bag!

If cat lovers are from Venus, then cats hail from another planet altogether. Mischievous and aloof one moment, affectionate the next, the cat is a confounding creature right down to its question mark of a tail. What cat owner hasn't wondered what goes on inside that mysterious kitty brain? In this companion to It's a Dog's Life... but It's Your Carpet, veterinary specialist Dr. Justine A. Lee answers your questions about all things feline in this entertaining and enlightening guide. An animal lover with two cats of her own, Dr. Lee combines scientific research with irreverent humor to address questions ranging from the common to the offbeat, including:

  • Do cats always land on their feet?
  • Can cats predict death or cancer?
  • Can I really train my cat to use the toilet?
  • Should I dump my boyfriend because he doesn't like my cat?
  • Why do cats eat grass?
  • How can I prevent kitty dreadlocks?
  • Do cats like to swim?
Dr. Lee also shares helpful hints on what to look for in a veterinarian. (Helpful Hint No. #1: Find a veterinarian who owns a cat.) She also reveals what ever veterinarian wants you to know about being a smart consumer and pet owner. With tips on dealing with kitty's more irksome behaviors (yes, she has some), advice on looking out for her health and well-being, and plenty of laughs, It's a Cat's World... You Just Live In It helps cat owners love and understand their quirky feline companions more than ever. You can preview the book by checking out my blog above (listed under "Cat Questions").

Dr. Lee's other book, It's a Dog's Life, but It's Your Carpet, is a humorous reference book that provides scientific answers to some of the most common and offbeat questions people have about their pets. Whether you’re looking for advice on pet rearing, solutions to your dog’s most frustrating habits, explanations of his weirdest quirks, or simply a good laugh at his expense, It’s a Dog’s Life…but It’s Your Carpet is sure to entertain and surprise dog lovers of every breed. You can check out some sample questions at my dog blog!

Autographed copies are available here.

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12/30/2008 Book release of It's a Cat's World... You Just Live In It

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Author Events and Book Signings
01/07/2008 Saint Paul Public Library - Rice Street - 7 PM CST
01/13/2008 Veterinary Student Supply - University of Minnesota St. Paul, MN 11:30 AM - 1 PM CST
01/31/2008 Common Good Books with Pet Haven - 12 PM - 2 PM CST
02/01/2008 Saintly City Cat Show - St. Paul, MN
02/11/2008 University of Minnesota Coffman Memorial Bookstore - Minneapolis, MN 4 PM CST
02/28/2008 Barnes & Noble Har Mar Mall - Roseville, MN 2 PM CST
03/09/2008 Highland Park Library - St. Paul, MN 7 PM CST
03/31/2008 "Tails from an Iditarod veterinarian: Vetting a 1,049 mile sled dog race" Highland Park Library - St Paul, MN 7 PM CST

Upcoming Lectures Delivered at Veterinary Conferences
01/17/2009 North American Veterinary Conference Orlando, FL
03/05/2009 International Sled Dog Veterinary Medical Association Anchorage, AK
03/14/2009 International Veterinary Seminars Ambergris Caye, Belize
07/02/2009 Pet Emergency Clinic, Inc. Ventura & Thousand Oaks, CA
08/14/2009 International Veterinary Seminars Seattle, WA
11/12/2009 American Animal Hospital Association Davenport, IA

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